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Kensington Commons Appartments and Retail Space, CA 92116

Kensington History
San Diego's Kensington neighborhood is known today for its appeal as a historic residential area with single-family homes, distinct in their California style. Read More


Kensington Terrace


Kensington Commons,  4142 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116

Kensington Commons, Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116

2017: Kensington Commons, Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116

Kensington Commons, CA 92116
Kensington Commons, February 2014
Third Floor Up! Framing Done.


Kensington Commons, CA 92116
Kensington Commons, December 2013

First floor 2 by 4's, framing completed!


Kensington Commons

Kensington Commons - September 2013

Progress has been made
The Demolishing fo the Gas Stastion has been finish 3 months ago. Currently the new complex ins under construction:
Pretty much a big hole has been created!




Note: The new complex will be name Kensington Commons!

"Kensington Commons, designed in a Santa Barbara style, will include 34 apartments and 10,000 square feet of retail space when completed in August." — - Allard Jansen Architects


As the bank (providing loan) wanted (most likely good assumption) to see signed leases and also started doubing the profatibility of the project (in this this economy) the 56,000 initial plan has been reduced to 21,00 sq feet!!: (13,000 square feet of prime restaurant and retail space and 8,000 square feet of second floor office space). Please verify information at several sources as this project has been updated multiple times.

Not everybody is happy with the developments:

On March 5th, 2008 the Heart of Kensington filed a Petition for a Writ of Mandate in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Diego, Central District.  This action involves a challenge of the City of San Diego’s decision made on February 5, 2008 to approve the development of a 3-story, 56,000+ square foot mixed-use commercial, office and residential project in a low-rise, 1 and 2-story area in the Kensington neighborhood of the Mid-City Communities planning area.  The proposed development, known as “Kensington Terrace,” will cause unmitigated adverse impacts to the surrounding neighborhood character, traffic, historic resources, and the overall environment. read more >>

Kensington Terrace is a mixed use project that will replace the gas station on the corner of Adams Avenue and Marlborough Drive and the dilapidated apartments on the east half of the block at Edgeware Avenue. Kensington Terrace will feature corner plazas, open courtyards and landscaping that will dramatically improve the existing lot and provide benefits to the community of Kensington. The project will include a combination of retail, residential and office space and tenants will include local residents and businesses who will complement the neighborhood.
> Web Site of Developer Allard Jansen

Gallery with images of proposals >>


March 7, 2008

SAN DIEGO – Kensington residents are refusing to accept a San Diego City Council decision to permit the tallest, most dense development in the history of their neighborhood. Earlier this week, a citizens group filed a 27-page lawsuit against the city, asking a Superior Court judge to reverse the Feb. 5 council approval of the Kensington Terrace retail, office and housing center.

The group is also seeking an injunction to stop the development until more thorough reviews can be done.

The three-story, 56,000-square-foot Kensington Terrace would be built on a prime corner of the upscale village, at Marlborough Drive and Adams Avenue.
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Kensington Terrace is a mixed use project that will replace the gas station on the corner of Adams Avenue and Marlborough and the dilapidated apartments on the east half of the block at Edgeware.


Kensington Terrace: Who Knew?

By Joe Deegan | Published Thursday, Nov. 15, 2007 -

Competitve prices, quality businesses selling products online or providing services in Southern California. San Diego — Developer writes persuasion letter to the San Diego Development Services Department. What else is new? Read on.

"Today I was brought into the fold on the neighborhood uprising regarding the Kensington Terrace project," stated Jim Chatfield in an October 30 e-mail to Anne Jarque, the project's manager for the City. "As a real estate developer, one would certainly surmise that I am pro-development, which is generally true. However, upon [review], I am quite surprised to find that the City and the Kensington-Talmadge Planning Committee approved this project with such little community interaction, and [after only] performing a mitigated negative declaration.
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Other quote from this article:

"On November 30, 2006, the City sent a Notice of Application to all residents within 300 feet of Jansen's project. "

"Not until the April 11 meeting was a more extensive partnership mentioned. According to meeting minutes, "Allard Jansen reported that he had closed on the Emerald Gas Station property on March 31."

------ blog:
April 24, 2007

As mentioned on their website,

The quoted story below was not totally valid as the project has been amended significantly.

Kensington Terrace
What kind of tenants will be moving in?

No leases have been finalized, but many potential tenants have already come forward. Besides a market (more like a gourmet-grocery/take-out), the developers are seeking out small, community-serving shops like bakery, gelato or yogurt, postal services, hardware, pharmacy, and a few more restaurant choices such as Italian or a specialty breakfast diner.

Emphasis will be on local ownership and on services that Kensington currently doesn’t have. Upstairs, the office tenants may include property management, landscape design, and Allard Jansen plans to move his small architectural firm there.

When will Kensington Terrace be ready?

As long as the opposition appeal is overturned, excavation of the site would begin in the fall of 2008, which will take about six months to carefully remove all contaminated soil under the supervision of the County department of Environmental Health.

The above-ground construction is expected to take an additional 12 months.


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